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New supercharged iQ to appear at Goodwood

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Toyota is planning on celebrating their rally heritage at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed by bringing along some of their old rally cars. While this might not interest you, they are going to debut a new supercharged version of the iQ along with some other amazing pieces of hardware. If any of you have a chance to go there it's definitely worth it.
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A zippy little IQ would be nice, reminds me of then I was at a car showing that had a Turbo mini right when it was debuted.
i hope they run this at the goodwood track. i wanna see how this thing goes. the track is a bit biased towards high hp cars though.
They had a Gazoo Racing iQ last year. But they didn't run it on the track. They only had it on display beside the Gazoo Racing LF-A.
The festival has already begun and I found some interesting news. Pretty much all the rally cars they are bringing will be running on the dirt track. They even brought a 700+hp Celica to try and capture the fastest time for the hill climb. Also the supercharged iQ will be running the track as well.
I'm gonna check online if I can a video of the supercharged iQ running at Goodwood. I wanna see how it compares to the much more powerful cars.
It would be real quick on the pickup I am sure. The IQ is not a big or heave car and with the extra HP it will make a big difference I am sure.
unfortunately they didnt run it at the track. it was only on display at the toyota section.....
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