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new iq owner !!!!

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Hey guys and gals i was wondering about after market mufflers! has anyone got one installed yet ? with our cars being so small i was wondering how loud it will actually sound inside the car. And anyone know of any good cheap places on the internet for rims? i have the blue scion iq so probably go with black rims. And one more thing how about systems ??? anyone get any ideas of installing anything that might actually fit in the trunk lol
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Congratulations on your new iQ and welcome to the forums.

Tanabe used my iQ last December to test fit an exhaust system. They will not be doing a production model until more iQ's have been sold.

I'm sure a good local muffler shop could hook you up with a small Magnaflow or the like. The rear lip may get in the way though.

As suggested above, is a good place to look for wheels.

As far as a system for your ride. You are correct, there isn't a lot of room to work with in the iQ. Here is a system that sounds amazing and is custom designed for the iQ. OEM Audio +
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cool surfcitylocal,stereo that is,thanks for the link,have you actually heard that system in an iq,is that what you are going with.
Sorry to say I didn't get the hear the exhaust. They had my car for a few days and it was all back together when I went to pick it up. I don't think I'm going to change the exhaust for now. I'm not sure what it would sound like with the CVT transmission. The RPM's go up and down so much it may sound kind of strange.
My bad. I didn't understand you were talking audio systems.

No price or availability on the exhaust system yet.

I have the upgraded Navigation unit in my iQ with stock speakers. There are lots of aftermarket head units that will fit the iQ, the problem becomes component location. The interior is rather small as you know and finding somewhere to mount the amps may be a problem. Using a small footprint amp like the ones available from PowerBass would make the job easier.
and again,have you heard that system you posted the link to or how much $ it is.
I have head the system, it's incredible! The cost I believe is around 1,000 but I don't have an exact amount.
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