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New black IQ in Little Rock AR

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Hello all, well I got pretty lucky and bought a 12 mile used black IQ.... Some old lady bought 2 and only drove 1 off the lot then traded both in only a few weeks later. I wanted white, but it had a couple thousand miles on it while the black only had 12 for the same price. I ended up saving 2 grand off sticker since it was sold as used. I feel like I got a pretty good deal overall, plus it might have been pretty hard to pay full sticker even though the care is pure awesome. Glad I bought it!

I have a large family, but mainly use the car just for me to run around town and drive to work. Most of my drive is highway (about 30 miles each way) and it drives like a large Toyota. When I pass 18 wheeler's or they pass me, it does not affect this car at all. I had a 96 trooper which was pushed all over the road by trucks. My IQ is pretty basic, so I’m planning to add the rear spoiler and alloy wheels asap. Later on I think the fog lights and door trim will be next.

All in all, great car and a blast to drive!
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congradulations on your purchase Flim,i as well would have bin all over that deal,even though it wouldnt have bin my colour choice,$$ talks with me,welcome to our forum and look forward to seeing pics of your iq,i as well have a large familly,but we allso have a brandnew corolla xrs.
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