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Need Assistance on Installation of TRD Sway Bar

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Tried to look for a post thread, but couldn't find instruction or video.

Does anyone have a link, is it possible to install ourself or the shop should install this.

Thank for looking.
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It's actually very easy to install.

Here are the installation instructions courtesy of TRD Sparks:
Thank You Surfcitylocal.

I think I am going to have fun this weekend putting in he DC Intake and TRD Swaybar.

Cant wait for my DC exhaust to come in.
You are really going to like the addition of the rear sway bar. It makes a big difference in the handling of the iQ.
The original link no longer works. I've attached the document so you don't have to hunt one down. ;)


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The requirement for a 15mm is wrong in the instructions. It should be a 14mm socket/wrench. I just installed mine and the 15mm was too loose so I tried a 14mm and it fit perfectly. ;)
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