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My salvage iQ

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Here is a messy collection of pictures of my hurricane, sea water, flood salvage iQ. I've replaced and cleaned everything that needed it. The window sticker says 5-17. It was inspected and sitting on the used car lot before the hurricane came. The majority of the debris still left on the car was rat poop! I still find it in places. I hosed out the interior as well as the carpet washed in the driveway. Both smelled like the ocean.

The moment I decided to keep it and fix it.



My wire coverings were better than the sun baked ones on the replacement harness. The front of the donor was exposed for 5 years. And my toes.

Replacement front harness going into the firewall.


I just got the front covering back on after replacing the front wiring. It's been on and off a few times since then. So easy!

All this wiring was replaced or has been since then.



Heater blower motor replacement.

I was getting ready to pull the transmission out since it barely could drive.
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The car is all sorted out except for Emissions Readiness which I will do after I get it registered and have a temp inspection sticker. I sent the paperwork to Albany, New York and am waiting for my appointment. The appointment is for the New York anti-theft inspection. I should do well since I didn't need to replace anything on their list. When I pass, they will send the title in a few weeks. With that I can get it registered and can drive it. I'll have to tow it to the anti-state inspection, but that's ok. As far as any temporary driving permit: in New York, you can't do anything without an inspection and at least a registration and/or title processing or already processed. The one exception was just a day pass if I could get a safety and emissions inspection and send that proof with my application for a salvage title. The one day would be to drive to the anti-theft inspection. I couldn't get emissions readiness on jackstands, the engine load was never right. A dyno might have worked. I didn't want to get caught driving with only insurance. It seemed likely the police would tow it away.
Driving to and from work and shopping after, every day should do the trick and I'll be checking readiness constantly. I want new WeatherTech floor mats, fog lights and a rear view camera which means a tablet style radio.
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The car was bought at a Copart auction. I think when the insurance loss is more than the value of the car, the title is replaced with a salvage certificate. I'm only talking about my state, New York. On the paperwork, I see the last "owner" is a Toyota sales lot. This car was a Toyota certified resale car. The sales lot was right on the Hudson river near the ocean. I think the insurance company is in Florida or Georgia. There is a weird ownership zone when the car is not owned by an individual or company. There was papers in the car that showed that someone named "Mary" in the NJ or NY area was driving the car. She couldn't have driven it much with the miles at about 1700.

I was given a NY Salvage Certificate MV-907A. This needs to be cleared with NY State before a title can be reissued and it will have the words Salvage or Rebuilt on it, even to another state. It still needs to go through NY State. So, the seller did not have and did not give me a title. The inspection for this (not the regular yearly inspection), involves the state making sure that all of the items on the list that were replaced came new from a parts store or dealer, or used with a receipt that states the donor vin. The list basically is all doors, fenders, hood, trunk, panels and frame that bolt or weld on, engine, transmission and airbags. It's an Anti-Theft inspection. It won't pass if it needs a door or an airbag, for example, because you could put a stolen part on after the inspection to make it complete. If the shocks are bad, it's ok. If the paint is ugly, it's ok. I'm pretty sure that it needs to be safe and drive-able.

There are many salvage Scion IQs going through the auction sites still.

When you purchased it the seller didn’t have a title to give you? (This is my understanding at least from what you’ve said)…
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Auction pics from 2013

Car Wheel Land vehicle Tire Vehicle

Car Wheel Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle Tire

Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Car Vehicle Automotive design Car seat cover Motor vehicle

Car Vehicle Car seat cover Automotive design Motor vehicle

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Vehicle Automotive design

Automotive lighting Rectangle Gas Tints and shades Electric blue

Audio equipment Vehicle Vehicle audio Multimedia Media player

Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror Hood

Car Wheel Land vehicle Tire Vehicle
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