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My salvage iQ

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Here is a messy collection of pictures of my hurricane, sea water, flood salvage iQ. I've replaced and cleaned everything that needed it. The window sticker says 5-17. It was inspected and sitting on the used car lot before the hurricane came. The majority of the debris still left on the car was rat poop! I still find it in places. I hosed out the interior as well as the carpet washed in the driveway. Both smelled like the ocean.

The moment I decided to keep it and fix it.



My wire coverings were better than the sun baked ones on the replacement harness. The front of the donor was exposed for 5 years. And my toes.

Replacement front harness going into the firewall.


I just got the front covering back on after replacing the front wiring. It's been on and off a few times since then. So easy!

All this wiring was replaced or has been since then.



Heater blower motor replacement.

I was getting ready to pull the transmission out since it barely could drive.
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how many hours did it take to get this all sorted out? I assumed you got the car for cheap.
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