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Same thing happened to me,

First time it happened, last year, it went to the dealer, they could not start it right away, they let it sit over night, then it started.

I moved the car 15 feet and turned engine off later that day tried to move car no start.

No reason from the dealer, they found nothing.

I was very disapointed that now i have a very UN-reliable New!! fricken car.

I almost dump it at that point.

2nd time it happened yesterday,

I went to start the car, it sounded like it started so I let the key go back from start to run mode.

Nope engine stopped, and It could not be restarted.

It sounded like starter turns but engine does Not turn over.

Yesterday i was at the mall they had new Civic's there. I was looking at them for a long time.

I will try the foot to the floor, while starting to see if it starts.

I love the car but I will not live with a problem.

I want to test this.

I may try to purposely, flood the engine, then try to foot to the floor start, to make sure i have a plan/method fro restart, in case it happens while I am away from home.

So far i have been home both times.

I just home it does not get worse.

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Well now, that's a real good possibility and once again points to human error which is no doubt the scenario in either remedy.

3. Do not release the ignition key prematurely until you have heard the engine start.

(hope you like the blue highlight)

I have had plenty of fuel injected cars it is all I have owned in the last 15 years or more,

Or That and i was a tech for toyota for more than 10 years.

I do not touch the gas pedal when starting.

That said!

I went out today, still would not start then while cranking engine i held the pedal to the floor.

It started after about 15 seconds, a strong rich gas smell, after it started.

This is a problem that I have never had with a FI Toyota before.

Never has happened to my wifes 10' Rav4 v6 or daughters 10' 4cyl Rav4, or my Venza, or my Tundra

This is a new problem that I hope does not get worse with time and wear

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Blogging it in red is really not needed......I agree that FI motors should not have any gas pedal given to it during the starting process, I'm just telling you, that's what had to be done to mine to get it started once it got flooded, unless you wanted to give up and let it sit until much later that day or wait until the next day. Read my scenario of what happened to me again, too much fuel got to the injectors, flooding the motor the previous COLD morning during a momentary starting of about 5 seconds and then being shut was still flooded the following morning. What I did got it started. If and when it ever happens to you, you'll have to do what I did to get it started, or you can let it sit for however long it takes to clear the excess fuel. Right or wrong, that's what I did and it worked...your call. A POSSIBLE BETTER PREVENTATIVE TO KEEP THIS FROM HAPPENING WOULD BE: EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU GO TO START YOUR CAR, DO NOT RELAEASE THE IGNITION KEY UNTIL YOU KNOW FOR SURE THAT THE CAR ACTUALLY HAS STARTED??? I really don't think it would have happened to me or westgl had we done that? We both had released the key on the initial cold start-up prematurely before it was actually started? Try it and see if this eliminates the problem.
Hey Mistergib,

Thanks for the fix.

I have never heard that pedal to the metal after a flooded FI, engine will clear it.

That is some very good information.

But it did clear the problem,

I appreciate people that provide help, Not trolls that are negative and provide nothing.
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