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My iQ on local television

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One of my sponsors, MGP Caliper Covers did a live interview on a local TV station and asked me to bring the iQ down.

The host is Dave Stall "The Car Guy", the tall man is Mike Barland the owner of MGP Caliper Covers.

We actually had a lot of fun although it was a very early morning for me. Up at 2am and down to San Diego.

Here are some still shots and a link to the video on the TV station's web site.

Link to video on the TV station web site - KUSI News - San Diego CA - News, Weather, PPR - Video Landing Pageclick here
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Hey that's in my backyard. San Diegan here. Your iQ is looking sharper and sharper!!!
very cool surfcity local,to bad the most common of cars got the attention,but my eyes were on your WICKED iq,congrats.
they don't speak about IQ, but it had monoplized my attention!!!
i see your new caliper !! look great !:cool:
Awesome to hear! IQ's looking great :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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