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Picked this up for my wife last summer after she crashed up her RX350; said it was too big for her so I got her an iQ instead. Love Toyota so it had to be either an iQ or a Yaris.

Added the following:

  • OEM rear wing
  • OEM fog lights
  • OEM navigation
  • OEM Toyota rims off of the new 2016+ Yaris
  • OEM JDM Toyota/Netz emblems - replaced the Scion emblems (include part numbers in the pics for those of you wanting to remove the Scion badging)
  • Added a couple of Key's as the car only came with one, so now we have 3 in total with the factory lock/unlock/panic and immobilizer chip
  • Added the Toyota tri-colour badging on the front for fun

Car was pretty plain before so won't bother with before and after - just search up base model Scion iQ and voila haha

So here's how she looks currently:

2021-05-13 19.47.24.jpg
2021-05-13 19.49.25.jpg
2021-05-13 19.49.32.jpg
2021-05-13 19.49.39.jpg
2021-05-13 19.49.58.jpg
2021-05-13 19.50.12.jpg

If you have any questions or want any info (i.e. how to add factory nav) just let me know; I'm happy to help and share whatever info I have.
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