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Most Fuel efficient cars

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You would think the Mazda 2 And the Yaris and car like this would make the top fuel efficient list. Or even hybrids at that. A bull sized sedan even made it! the toyta Camry ! here is the list for you guys.

1. Toyota Prius, 49.6 combined MPG, $1,512
2. ]Lexus CT 200h, 41.6 combined MPG, $1,803
3. Honda Insight, 41.3 combined MPG, $1,816
4. Honda Civic Hybrid, 41.3 combined MPG, $1,816
5. Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, 38.6 combined MPG, $1,944
6. Chevrolet Volt, 37.1 combined MPG, $2,022
7. Lexus HS 250h, 34.5 combined MPG, $2,171
8. Honda CR-Z, 33.4 combined MPG, $2,243
9. Hyundai Elantra, 33.2 combined MPG, $2,266
10. Toyota Camry Hybrid, 32.7 combined MPG, $2,295

#2 on the list

"TrueCar’s estimate on what it’ll cost to feed them $5.00 per gallon gas for the 15,000 miles per year"

What Are The Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars?
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Hybrids Hybrids and more Hybrids......

most of that list is Hybrids what a shame... does any one know what the EPA rating on the Scion is?
I'd love to get a Lexus CT200H, out of all hybrids above it's my favorite. These hybrids will have some competition when Honda brings out the 9th generation civic with the improved natural gas system. I think that will get some shockingly good numbers, can't wait to see how that goes.
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