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No they don’t.
Do the doors make any sound at all when you press the lock/unlock key, like clicking or buzzing? In all likelihood, it is indeed a fuse (there are two fuses - DOOR and D/L, I think you want the 15A D/L one) or a relay, but I've also changed my fair share of motors in door locks on other cars.

Here is a better diagram of the fuses and relays:

There is a also a repair manual on this forum that has wiring diagrams. Based on those diagrams, the back door bypasses the fuse and the relay, but the front doors do go through the fuse, D/L Relay and DR Unlock relay. There is also an optional Double Locking feature that has another set of relays, but I don't think we have it on US version of IQ.

The best I can tell, the D/L and DR relays sit on (in?) the Junction Block next to the ECU and the fuse box (next to your left leg under the steering wheel), part 82730-74050.
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