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Just got one!

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Proud owner of 2012 scion iq. I can't wait to get the mods started! Anyone here from Toronto, I Hamilton?


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Cool. Welcome. It's white like mine. I'm over the border in Buffalo.
After I get it through the state salvage inspection and have plates for it I will work on the exhaust. The cat con has a O2 sensor shaped metal object in the pipe before the gasket to the next pipe. It goes most of the way across. I'll remove that. The bend in the same location has a bump that I can straighten out. I'll take the flange to the next size up and use a Prius gasket. The same thing the rest of the way and a aftermarket cat back exhaust, which is also larger. I think also go through the intake. There are a few odd size changes there as well and I'll figure out a cold air inlet.
Eventually nice rims would be cool. I picked up a factory rear spoiler that I'll paint to match and install. I haven't thought past all that. Someone said to check out factory spec Honda Insight tires because they maximize gas mileage. I did some tweaks with TechStream. I put single click unlock all around. I put the lights off when the car turns off. I just leave the lights on all the time, but they only come on after I start it.

Nice, have you done any mods yet to your iq?
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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