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IQ or CR-Z

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For my money next fall, I will take the Honda with 60mpg and more room.
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IQ is on the top of my list right now however I will consider other options. Haven't look much into the CRZ, maybe I'll give it a look.
From what I've read on the CR-Z it will not be 60 MPG, heard some quotes put it at 32 to 35 MPG. Plus it is only a two seater whereas the the IQ is 4 (well 2 + 2).
Isn't the CRZ a much bigger car then the IQ? I'm surprised that the CRZ isn't a four seater in that case.

For both cars it still comes down to the test drive and how much fun the car is to drive
The CRZ will be bigger but just different style.

The IQ has a tiny hood and front engine area, where as the front engine on the CRZ is more like a normal car....haha. Just differently shaped cars. The CR-Z will likely be more pricey as well.
CRZ is out for me....I need more than 1 passenger seat available to me.
I saw the leaked CR-Z JDM Brochure at Honda CRZ Forum: Honda CR-Z Hybrid Car Forums , pretty cool looking car but not really what I'm interested in. The IQ has the appeal I'm looking for.
Why put these in the same category if the crz is in a much higher price bracket and the IQ is much lower.
Small sporty eco-friendly cars with good gas mileage. Seem to be in same category to me
Rumors seem to be putting the IQ up at 60 MPG essentially crushing the CR-Z MPG.
I'm on the waiting list with 3 dealers for the CR-Z. After the announcement of the dismal mpg for the CR-Z I'll be going with an iQ Hybrid or a Nissan Leaf (that I previously wasn't even considering).
I saw some pictures of the CR-Z at the Detroit show and they really took away lots of the looks from the production version. And that MPG rating is very disappointing....

Now just need firm numbers for the IQ
Sounds like the CRZ will be priced at $20,000 dollar mark or so putting it a good (expected) $4000 dollars more then the IQ. Something tells me the IQ will be more fun to drive as the CRZ has turned into a 2 seat sports car with not much HP and a hybrid.
Colin Chapman had the right idea; make it fast and then add lightness. A hybrid may be a wonderful technological achievement, but they are never going to be that much fun to drive. The batteries just add too much weight. Even if you get it to accelerate quickly in a straight line all that mass still comes back to bite you when you try to turn. It strikes me that the IQ much purer expression of an ideal. Or something like that. Anyway I think it is going to be a better drive.
Sorry for my ignorance on the subject but who is Colin Chapman?
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