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iQ Car & Driver Review Pans CVT Transmission

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The Car & Driver Review of iQ good except for the CVT transmission:
2012 Scion iQ First Drive ? Review ? Car and Driver
2011 Scion iQ - Auto Shows - Auto Reviews - Car and Driver

I too feel as Gee-Bee does, and will not accept delivery on the automatic CVT transmission.. I live in Colorado and have had a deposit down, since last June, on one and if they have not made the 6 speed manual avalaible by Jamuary 2012 then I will probably use my deposit towards a 2012 Yaris with manual transmission. It will get around the same fuel economy as the iQ with the CVT automatic.
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I want the CVT, but I feel your pain. It seems that Toyota has positioned the iQ to please no one in North America.

For the hypermilers, like me, they aren't offering the turbo-diesel that gets the best economy. That makes me look pretty hard at the Prius C which is a little bigger, but gets 10 more mpg.

For the sports car enthusiasts, tuners, and youth that they say the car is marketed to, they offer only the CVT. (?!) Epic fail!

For the bang-for-the-buck economy shopper Scion wants $16,000 for the iQ. That buyer will run, not walk, to the Yaris or Honda Fit.

For the tree-hugger buyer Scion offers an all electric. But the Leaf has proven in spades that even the tree huggers need some range. So those buyers head straight for the Prius or Volt.

So Toyota, WTF?
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