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iQ Accessories are announced on Scion official site

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Just checked and found that they added some new info to the iQ - the accessories :) I am a bit disappointed that I don't see the body kit included thou...

Genuine Scion Paint Protection Film $395.00
Rear Spoiler $285.00
Mudguards $109.00
Lower Door Moldings $129.00
Fog Lights $340.00
Ashtray Cup $26.00
Cargo Net $65.00
Carpet Floor Mats - Front Seats $82.00
Carpet Floor Mats - Rear Seats $57.00
Carpeted Cargo Mat $61.00
Door Sill Enhancements $129.00
Illuminated Door Sills $329.00
Interior Light Kit $299.00
Leather-Wrapped Shift Knob $99.00
TRD Lowering Springs $399.00
TRD Rear Sway Bar $345.00
7-Spoke Wheel Cover
5-Spoke Wheel Cover
16" Alloy Wheels $749.00
Wheel Locks $67.00
Audio - Visual
Scion Navigation System 200 $1999.00
XM Satellite Radio $449.00
XM Satellite Radio Receiver with Traffic Display $599.00
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I also wish they included a Scion iQ body kit with this list. So far the Scion iQ accessories list here is decent, good for a start.

Other than a bodykit I want to see more iQ performance modifications from TRD.
The body kit is added under the accessories page :)

Finally getting my illuminated door kit and interior light kit installed at the dealer today (Stevens Creek Toyota/Scion in San Jose, CA)...1 week shy of 6 MONTHS after I paid for it.

In their defense: Its a whole brand new model to the American market, and that whole Tsunami/Earthquake thing at the factory. Oh and I ordered so many accessories when I bought the car these two items FELL OFF THE BOTTOM of their order form in their database and GOT LOST(!?!). Oh and in all the confusion (uh, they sell cars for a living. I was just buying one. What's the confusion?) they entirely overlooked to charge me for the door sills. Those were only really ordered (at dealer cost for my trouble) 2 months ago. I've actually had the interior light kit part in my possession for 2 months (because I no longer trust the dealer to track elephants, let alone car parts) waiting on the door sills to come in for a combined dealer install.

In their prosecution: iQ's have been on market 2 years in Europe, probably longer in Japan. In 15 years of non-dealer Suzuki service I've never had to wait more than a week for parts, even the obscure ones (the little plastic rim plug around the door lock knob for example). Oh, and I live in California so the whole "earthquake" excuse don't buy much more than "it was Tuesday" here. Don't even get me started about all the problems the dealer had with their internal database. Suffice to say I program for a living. I could rant for days with big words like "inconceivable".

Its a stupid injected mold plastic part, a few LEDs, a handful of wires, and a controller board smaller than what I've got in my electric cello. It should be manufactured by the AMERICA if you know we're going to be the problem market, better yet in Las Vegas, Nevada if you're so afraid of the weather (labor's cheap there too).

Horrible industrial risk management all around in my book.

Never give me 6 months to brew on an order. I get quite rancid.

All will be forgiven (but not forgotten) tonight when I turn on the light kit for the first time.
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All will be forgiven (but not forgotten) tonight when I turn on the light kit for the first time.
Love to see pics when convenient!!
love to see pics when convenient!!
Fuck that high delears price.
Just go to ebay or amazon.
They also have IQ OEM Dealers there.
My OEM spoiler cost me little over $200.
And never order paint protection film form
I order my IQ front section. (covers from bumper to hood)
No installation manual, No liquid to wet the film, No applicator.
So i returned it for refund.
Oh they are located in new york city some where.
Stainless steel non illuminated door sills for sale cheap if anyone interested hit me up. I have a brand new set because I decided to go with the laminated ones instead.
Still waiting for the lower door moldings to come back...:mad:
Still waiting for the lower door moldings to come back...:mad:
Count me in on that one. Ordered a set but was told it is no longer available. :mad:
Would love to get those door moldings too.

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I was told they would be available again in the first quarter of 2013. I'm not going to hold my breath...
They were at least available to the foreign markets, i.e., those who owned the Toyota iQ. You can purchase them on the secondary market from overseas sources.
salve a tutti, sono un utente italiano, ho una toyota iq e volevo sapere:

i ricambi per la scion iq sono uguali per la toyota iq?
Hi everyone, I'm an Italian, I have a toyota iq and I wanted to know:

spare parts for scion iq toyota iq are equal to?
Many parts are the same. There is one model of engine (1.3L) in the Scion with an automatic transmission. There is some differences in the body. The front and back are different parts.

Molte parti sono le stesse. Esiste un modello di motore (1.3L) nel Scion con una trasmissione automatica. C'è alcune differenze nel corpo. La parte anteriore e posteriore sono diverse parti.
I would like to order this part:

do you think it's good for toyota iq?

Thank you all for the answers
I would like to order this part:

do you think it's good for toyota iq?

Thank you all for the answers
le lien est mort, quel pièce veux tu commander?
your link is dead, witch part would you command?
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