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I bought my IQ unseen and was impressed by the number of extras- push button start, parking sensors, folding mirrors, hid headlamps, but now find they were retro fitted with Chinese parts and the headlights had issues that meant I was breaking UK law and wouldn't pass the yearly MOT inspection. The side lights were non existent, bulbs which were utilised as turn flasher and daytime running lights were brighter than the main beam and dip which were dull and caused people oncoming to flash their lights at me.

So I've ripped all that out and ordered a set of standard bulbs.

Some questions: Because I'm not sure what might be missing or swapped for none OEM...

How are the headlight bulbs retained? Should there be a wire clip?

Are the orange turn signal bulbs located in the outer part of the light on on the inside near the grill? (the latter is where mine were ).

Thanks in advance
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