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Introduction, Questions & Cygnet renders sitting on ADVs

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Hi there everyone, good to finally see an active IQ forum! Its been months since i've been checking out reviews bout this car, love everything about it except for the interior. After researching i have decided to go for the Cygnet, just because it has a nice body kit and a very nice interior and can be build to your own specs.

Mine will be in solid white exterior and dark blue leather/alcantara with white stitching and of course in manual :cool:
Some custom work will be done ( to be confirmed ) in house at Aston Martin as well with some touches of carbon fiber touches like the bonnet ducts, mirrors, wing and rear diffuser.

I believe that under the car, it is 100% identical to the IQ, so my questions are:
  • Who makes coilovers for it?
  • Sway bars, front and rear other than TRD?
  • Will the car have issues if i slap on 18's?
  • How wide can you go with the wheels and tires?
  • Will a supercharger be available from GRMN in the future?
  • Any vendors here thinking of swapping to a turbo or supercharger setup? I've already spoken to Carrillo and CP for the bottom end.
  • Any vendors offering race clutches?
  • Titanium or SS exhausts?
  • LSD ( limited slip differential )?
I'll leave you with some renders that ADV made for me couple of days ago. Let me know which one you think suits more. The car is also lowered in the renders.

Thanks and looking forward to your replies!



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