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Interior plastics recover question

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Hi. :)

I'm considering recovering the interior plastics (the shiny black and silver bits, not the whole dash) of my iQ with some 3M DI-NOC plastic film. Does anyone know how many square feet it takes to recover the shiny bits in an iQ?

Thank you.
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I suck at math.
Twice as mush as you originally plan to use ;)

Started putting FatMat in my car, and I needed closer to 20 square feet. There are a lot more areas I could of done. I have more, but will wait till warmer weather. And do the custom vinyl SCION name in the door panels at the same time
And here I use Fortador Leather Vinyl Trim to trim the interior of my car, which protects the panel and gives a very nice shine. I found this method in the article Best car interior dressing | Interior dressing for auto detailing here experts give a lot of good advice and try to listen to them and try to use when operating the vehicle.
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