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I could buy an alum wheel that is decent from discount tire for the IQ for about $90.00ea, I could put the stock tires on the alum. rims.


Option 2

Take the stock tires off the rims, send the stock steel rim to the Powder coater, and shoot with a nice color, for about $20 or less per rim either a gun metal or I could have them match the color of the car Hot Lava . (No hub caps) Then put on some
Yokohama YK580
195/55R16 87V BW

at $125 ea discount tires.

Discount tire says they fit the stock rims.

But i am Not sure how those stock steel Wheels look with out the hub cap covers on.

But I would want to make sure that they dont rub when you have the wheel cranked to do a U turn

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It all depends on the style you want to achieve with your ride. The steelie look can be very nice with some color and maybe a chrome trim ring. The styling of the iQ IMHO doesn't lend itself so much to a steelie look. An aftermarket rim would probably look better, again, just my opinion.
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