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I'll give a 3rd life to these wheels; here's a photoshop of the upcoming result

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Was always found of 6-spoke designs vs. the usual five
Have had these on Honda's and a Saturn; they're 6.5" wide, 45mm offset with 205 tires
Soon to be on a black iQ... fairly sober silver wheels for a somewhat "sleeper" car look
This is a photoshopped contraption of what it would look like


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Those will look nice on the iQ.
Maybe it's the photoshop job but im not really liking the wheels. Once the wheels are on i might have a different opinion.

Have you thought about getting a set of wheels with a bit of dish on it? 6 star wheels with a dish will look sick on a iQ
Hi scion-guy; I have sold the Saturn c/w all... so these wheels are now gone. Have to start fresh now.
IQ's were once again postponed to late Jan. for Quebec ?!?

I'll have to google European sites using "toyota IQ" keywords as there seems to be minimal info over here.
Have looked lately at brand new Mini wheels (same 4X100 16in. and 17in.) which owners seem to auction widely for unknown reasons (they must widely customize cars as a rule). Attachments are three I could find today... have to decipher fitment issues vs various offsets.

I very often look at 2nd-owned stuff first before buying new (somewhat saves the planet). Car accessories are the one item which you can normally find "new" pre-owned never used (easier on one's budget)


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Hi my friend,
I must have spent days surfing the net for something different. It seemed every web site had similar wheels (which it could not be otherwise).

I did purchased "new" second-hand mini wheels taken off from a 2011. They're the proper 4X100, 16"X6.5" wide ET:48 (std Scion iQ is 16"X5" ET45). I always considered the iQ 16" std-fitted wheels "custom" cosmetic-wise versus 15" which I'm sure was chewed over for the North American iQ... so I did not want to go to 17" & 18".
There are as many wheel/tire choices as there are individuals on this forum.
My goal was to preserve tire sidewall height for driveability, thus negating very low-profile tires and 17"-18" wheels.
Similar ET48 will also maintain load bearing on components as intended by Toyota. This wider 6.5" similarly positioned (ET 45-48) will or will not accept intended 205 to be (next)

Tires ? Dunlop Direzza DZ101 preferably in 205-50R16 (or 195-50R16 if turning clearances do not allow)
Direzza DZ101 | Dunlop Tires

If you're into this, you may enjoy studying different sizes using:
Custom rims, wheel tire packages for your ride -
205-50R16 yields almost identical overall measurements to the standard 175-60R16 except in width
The increased width being divided equally (outside and inside) since ET's are the same (ET 45-48)
Should hopefully fit although I have to try; this car has an exceptional turning radius so I assume there aren't an awful lot of clearances when going in circles (steering locked on either sides)


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