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How well established is the aftermarket?

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It sounds like the Toyota IQ has been released in Japan for quite a while. Is there already a massive aftermarket established for this car? It would be nice to buy a car and already have body kits / performance upgrades and other stuff already developed and just has to be brought overseas.

Or do we think that the Scion will change from the Toyota (Japan) IQ that their aftermarket parts will be unusable?
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I would think that there would be a large aftermarket for the Toyota IQ in Japan... Europe, I'm not sure... I think we will just have to wait until the Scion IQ is released and then we'll know if aftermarket parts will fit. I wouldn't worry though, as usually within a few months of release, aftermarket parts start surfacing.
What kind of aftermarket parts are you looking for?

I wouldn't expect the iQ to be a tuner car!
What kind of aftermarket parts are you looking for?

I wouldn't expect the iQ to be a tuner car!
If not a tuner car, but just being able to make some minor performance upgrades... exhaust, intake... small things like that.

You never know, the Scion IQ could turn into a tuner car....:rolleyes:
Looking at your avatar I can see the tuner car potential!
Oh there is definitely tuner potential for the IQ. Once it's released, no doubt will companies start releasing aftermarket parts and the sort. Before you know it, someone will throw a turbo on the IQ :p I bet it's already been done in Japan...
Car looks like it will be able to support quite a decent base for after market assuming it sells well.
a site i check regularly for parts is scion iq parts site its more of a blog but everythings is there

seem to have the finger on the pulse, with lots of pretty pictures
this is what has taken me so far

i need one exactly like that in my life <3
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Nice, can't wait for this to come out! I see an aftermarket growing rapidly for this one even here in North America.

Love the wheels on that car. Thanks for the link.
So K-Sport has a brake kit out already for all of those who are into the Autocross stuff. I don't see any other need for upgraded brakes!

The aftermarket parts availability for our cars sucks! Aside from a few bolt on things, there's not much of anything! Most the major stuff I did I had to one off fabricate. The FRS which has been out less time has a plethora of options available, everything from superchargers to turbos and then some. What do we get? A couple choices of cold air intake woo hoo :( no
company in the us even offers a bolt on cat back exhaust, and that's a super simple part to jig up and mass produce. We have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to aftermarket products. Yes I know Scion didn't hit the mass numbers it expected to get with the sale of these cars, but if there where more options to customize them, then maybe more people would want to buy them. The Trd division has even slacked on this one. They don't have a fraction of the options they do for other scions.
I think the aftermarket manufacturers need to get with it. It's easy enough to take an existing supercharger for example and design a new intake manifold adapter for use on the IQ and then start selling them.
I would love to do the supercharger myself, but the only one I can find available is from Japan. It's not real easy to get ahold of, and then imagine if you needed some tech support on a re tune for the computer no thanks on that one! I'd prefer to buy some nice aftermarket parts made here in the good old USA with some good quality tech support.
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TRUE! Aftermarket sucks...not even in the styling part...only body kit available is 5axis no other options for flares spoilers taillamps headlamps just stick to OEM and enjoy-_-

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