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How To Turn A Scion iQ Into An Aston Martin Cygnet

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As well as the BR-Z sports car, Scion buyers in 2012 will be getting their hands on the 2012 Scion iQ, a funky minicar sold in other markets as the Toyota iQ.

The iQ variations don't stop there, however. As you might be aware, British luxury car maker Aston Martin has bought the rights to build its own version of the iQ, in an effort to entice its luxury buyers into the perfect Aston Martin for runs through the city.

Known as the Cygnet it's cause a fair bit of mirth and cynicism among the press and public, but Aston Martin has assured buyers that the same love, care and attention goes into making the Cygnet as any Aston - and to prove it, the company has released a video, detailing the production process.

True to its word, Aston Martin really does extend its hand-built techniques to the Cygnet, once the half-built iQs roll through the gates.

The shell is hand-mixed and spray painted by two technicians, and the highest-quality leather trim for all the interior surfaces is hand-stitched and fitted to the seats and trim parts.

The shapes may be Cygnet, but the trim and materials are definitely Aston Martin. Even the dials have more in common with the firm's luxury cars than with the Toyota, though the tiny rev-counter gives the game away a little...

The Cygnet may never capture the imagination in the same way as a DB5, Vanquish or One-77, but it's nice to know that for the select few who can afford it, Aston Martin puts no less care into building their minicar than they do a supercar.

The 97-horsepower, 1.33-liter, 37 mpg Cygnet is available now to buyers in the UK, Europe, Hong Kong and Japan.
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Is this thing sold in the US? I was surprised that with all the upgrades and features the Cygnet has, Aston Martin was able to keep Cygnet MPG's on point with the iQ. I thought all that leather, heavier seats, etc would weight it down a bit more and make it sluggish.

As nice as it is, if i wanted a luxury vehicle I would buy a real one such as a Lexus GS, not a subcompact all dressed up.
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