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How to R&R door, is it common w/any other Toyota/Scion products, and any iQ junkards?

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My daughters 2012 Scion iQ "Betty" drivers door was significantly crunched although the door still opens and shuts and the B pillar that the latch is on wasn't moved or bent. I'm on the hunt for a drivers door and found the how to remove/replace the interior door panel and side mirror which is a great help. Is the Scion iQ door common with any other Toyota or Scion products? Guessing not since its a long door but thought I would ask.
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Texas is a short drive from you, no? :)
Awesome, thanks! I sent a request into Car Part for the drivers door. I need the whole door shell or preferably a complete door to save me having to move over the electric windows and such but either would work.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts