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How to R&R door, is it common w/any other Toyota/Scion products, and any iQ junkards?

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My daughters 2012 Scion iQ "Betty" drivers door was significantly crunched although the door still opens and shuts and the B pillar that the latch is on wasn't moved or bent. I'm on the hunt for a drivers door and found the how to remove/replace the interior door panel and side mirror which is a great help. Is the Scion iQ door common with any other Toyota or Scion products? Guessing not since its a long door but thought I would ask.
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Texas is a short drive from you, no? :)

and so on

I would also check your local junk yards

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Awesome, thanks! I sent a request into Car Part for the drivers door. I need the whole door shell or preferably a complete door to save me having to move over the electric windows and such but either would work.
You can get a new shell from Toyota, but I think by the time you paint it and what not you would be closer to 1k. It's just easier, faster and cheaper to find a matching color door on ebay / junk yards, even if in a different state, and just drive there to swap it out (or freight ship it). Some yards have onsite shops that can do it for you on the spot.

I've never tried to request anything on Car Part - not sure if anyone would reply. But you can always try to change the area to what's available in other states.
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