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How much range is left once the sixth bar in the fuel guage starts flashing?

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I can't find any information in the owners manual to tell me how much range I have left once the sixth bar on the fuel guage starts flashing, does anyone have any information?

In my case I drove over 30 miles before i filled up and still could only CRAM 7.5 gallons in the tank, suggestting there is as least 75 miles once the light starts falshing, but I have yet to test this theory.
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In my experience, limited experience, there's about 1.5 gallons remaining. Your mileage on that will vary of course. I'd feel comfortable going another 30 miles though.
I had a similar discussion here:

Basically (based on my driving conditions), it starts flashing once I've gone about 200 miles already. I go about 50 more miles until I gas up. I'm able to get ~7.4 gallons in, suggesting I have about 1 gallon left, for another 30 miles or so.

Zero your counter every time you gas up. Monitor your range once it starts blinking. When it gets to 250-275, GET GAS NOW! ;) Of course, all of this will depend on how you drive, where you drive, and the load you carry.
Great Info RexIQ,

My IQ was a little different, but then again, that could be since the accuracy in car parts may not be very accurate at all. It all depends on where it triggers to start flashing, could be I am in a colder climate, fuel expansion or just plain being cold.

Great I was going to start a thread on this, but now i dont have to.

Yesterday got in my IQ, started her up. Last bar was flashing. I told the wife i hope we can make it, I was trying my best to keep the car in ECO mode to conserve, and not run out.

We made it to the gas station that is about 9 miles from my house.

Well when I filled the tank (knowing that i already drove 9 miles) I put in 6.3 gallons of gas(US) meaning i still had 2.2 gallons left considering it has a 8.5 gallon gas tank.

With that In mind, it really depends on you, meaning you can drive aggressively and only (huh only) get 32 mph (that is the worst mileage I have experienced with the IQ as of yet), 32x2.2=70.4miles, to end O tank.
or you can illuminate your eco light and go for the 36+ mileage, 36x2.2=79.2 mile till end O tank.

Unless my tank while filling bumped off, and quit filling, when it was not quite full. In Oregon it is illegal for you to pump your own gas so an attendant has to do it.
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so consensu is about 75 miles which seems awfully cautious. I got less in my 12 mpg Durnago that would start to get upset when there was ONLY five gallons left giving me about 55 miles to find gas, which always seemed more than enough to me.

My minor concern is that I can effectively ignore the flashing for at least a week, at which point I actually run out as I have got used to ignoring it :)
My advise,
Don't Ignore it, get in a habit of treating it like you need to filler up.

Running the gas tank low is not good for the car anyway, Gas keeps the fuel pump cool, low on gas warmer fuel pump.
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