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Hot lava???

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HELLLOOOO EVERYONE,with all the research i had done in the months prior to the release of this LITTLE gem,there was allot of hype about the iq in hot lava colour,which i am not that fond of.i cant help but notice and i believe only one of you on here has gotten or is waiting for that flavour(colour).i am wondering if it aint going to be the flagship colour as many have thought.only two were pre ordered in chilliwack where i am,mine dark grey,and a hot lava,which the fella ended up not purchasing.any thoughts on this colour.
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I like hot lava when it was available for the 1st gen xB. But it is not my favorite on the iQ. I would say the white pearl, black, and dark gray suit the iQ the most.
The Lava looked ok at the Dealership tonight but i already have a xD in the Lava. The one tonight looked darker than the xD is but im going for the white.
I appreciate the color but it's not really my style. I'm a white vehicle kind of person. My second choice would have been Pacific Blue Metallic.
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Hot Lava is nice but It is a color I would have gotten tired of quickly (that's just me. To others, if you like it, go for it.) I test drove a Hot Lava even all the way to my parking space to see if the iQ still fit just like my Smart Car did. It does! All 3 motorcycles and 1 scooter plus the iQ can leave the parking spot without having to move any vehicle. (See photo). But I ended up not buying it because we couldn't agree on the Smart's trade-in value. I went to another dealer that had just the white, and a better trade-in offer! I'm happy with the Blizzard Pearl.

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I have the Hot Lava, Stupid Name Hot lava I agree, But It is definitely the best color, To me it is more of a Burnt orange.

I would have to say that the darker the color it is it would be at the bottom of the list.

I had a black car, and i was not happy with it

I could have just washed it and I even look at it and it would be dirty, but that is true for all the dark colors, beside they are hotter, and Being in a smaaaalll car I want to be seen. JMO

BUT, This car I would Gladly take any color, it is just such a great car, it wouldn't mater, I mean how long does it take to wash one of these, not very long

White would have been nice they have a really nice Green but it is not offered in the USA

I like the burnt Orange.
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Finally picked up mine yesterday... in black
I agree with yunkikan that white-grey-black really suit that car

-18C (0 deg fahrenheit) last night; went right home really... but could tell right away this is a first-rate car :)


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congrats iQ514 on the new car your going to love it more everyday
congrats iQ514 on the new car your going to love it more everyday
totally agree :) congrats iQ514!
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