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Hi from snowy Montreal

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It seems these things have finally found their way up here; planning to test drive one during the holidays. I have that strange feeling though... it won't be hard to convince me into buying one (shall tell all if I do)

Pretty clever package as far as I'm concerned. Would have loved to go thru a Scion owner's manual but couldn't find nowhere...
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There are no iQ manuals on the net -- only a JAPANESE version
hi there,im in chilliwack bc,40 min.from van.i have a manual cuz i bought one of these cars,sight unseen,im guna luv it,i hear all this talk about how underpowered it is,ok, well , not in the market for a race car here.its peppy,its different,ITS SMALL. more sO than i thought ,but it is like i was expecting,SMALL,cool ,different,twice as good on fuel than my old car,09 nissan cube.
Tkz LA-LA... this way I'll stop surfing nights trying to find one.

Hi iqforyou... next time you're bored (rain in BC?) and doing nothing, can you measure the actual offset of a wheel (bolt inner-surface of the wheel to outside rim lip towards the center of the car). That too I can't find nowhere. Might try to fit older mag wheels.
PS: I'm contemplating driving around with a space-saver tucked on the floor behind the driver's seat; can quite get the idea of the kit supplied. I understand there are no jack supplied with the IQ either... does the manual shows jacking points for one?
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