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Hi from Saskatchewan!!

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We picked our new white IQ up in Regina, Saskatchewan last Thursday. Got to say I love it! The 187 km ride home was great. The 1.3 litre engine climbed a steep hill no problems.. (yes saskatchewan has some hills), also found the heater to work fine. Another important factor at times in this province.

Still trying to determine if the Canadian IQ is equipped with a block heater.....

Go RoughRiders :):rolleyes:
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wow.i thought the only hill was that manmade ski hill which i believe is actually a pile of garbage,you must know the one,i believe it is by the man made lake.hehe.hello fellow canadian,ive had my iq for two months,i was allso born in saskatoon,now in chilliwack BC,welcome,i aswell love the car.
or that may be alberta?i havent bin there since i was a wee lad.
"My Winnipeg," a truly bizarre but brilliant movie.

Enjoy your car. Personally, I find the car very slow to warm up, and took it to the dealer, where they felt it was normal. I still disagree. Very slow to warm up. You'll figure it out for yourself.

We love the car so far.
Congratulations on your new iQ.
Congrats and welcome to the community! :)
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