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Hello from Germany

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My iQ is from 2009 June - first version.
Now 40.000 km
The German Version ist called iQ+.
My engine is a Diesel with compressor.

Leather seats and seat heating

My car has a small box with the possibility to drive over the v-max (170 km/h).
I have a picture from the police while driving exact 200 km/h.:)
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Guten tag. Great to know that there are other versions out there. I bet the diesel version gets much better MPG.
Welcome to the community!
The iQ with Diesel engine gets better MPG.

In Germany we calculate the Liter you need to go a distance of 100 km.

iQ 1,33 l (72kW) * Dual-VVT-i * Multidrive * 5,2 Liter/100km Petrol* 120 g/km CO2-emission
iQ 1,33 l (72kW) * Dual-VVT-i * 6 gears manual * 4,9 Liter/100km Petrol * 113 g/km CO2-emission

iQ 1,4 l (66kW) * 6 gears manual * 4,0 Liter/100km Diesel * 104 g/km CO2-emission
I'm very disappointed we don't get the iQ diesel here--so disappointed, in fact, that I'm getting the Prius C instead. The North American iQ gets very poor gas mileage for a car of its size and weight. I want 50mpg+ or no sale.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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