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Hello from France

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Hello, i'm a Frenchie from Montpellier
i had an Toyota IQ3 Start & Stop, white pearl, 100CV VVTi, 6 manual gears, GPS, 16" weels.
it had 16000Km when i buy it but in prefect state

i install black film on windows (not me , a dealer, better for good result :cool: and warranty 10 years )
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Aloha and welcome to the forums.

Your iQ sounds very nice. Post up some pics when you get a chance.
a little picture

another i can't delete....... :confused: so two pictures


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Glad to see you over here Xavier. Nice shots of the iQ. I think you'll like this forum.
nice ride,welcome,nice to have you.
Love the wheels! I have the factory alloys and am les and less sure about them. Better than the standard steels, no doubt, but not as nice s the five-AD ones....
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