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I'm just going to assume Dave charged up the driveway full tilt then did a handbrake turn to tokyo drift his way in through the door sideways.
I mean, that's how I always do it :p

I love parking on end spaces. Not only can I snipe them when other cars usually have to turn past them or come at them the long way, but if there's no parking peninsula along the side I can stay at the back of the space then turn my wheels a bit and drive straight out of the spot around the parking barrier rather than backing up at all. Or if there's a couple empty spaces next to me I can whip a u-turn inside the spaces. It;s always fun to watch the looks on peoples faces.

Sometimes at the grocery store though I do park at the front of the space so I have plenty of room to pull my cart up and load up safely within the confines of the space.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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