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Have you owned any other Scion's aside from the iQ?

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Its a pretty simple question. Theres a lot of people loyal to only one brand of vehicle. While some tend to buy a lot from one manufacturer. So is this your first or have you owned any others prior to purchasing this?
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This will be my first Scion. I was always interested in getting one before but didn't find anything I liked until I saw the iQ.
Multiple Toyotas and a Scion xA for 7 years. Sold the xA for about 75% of what I paid for it, 7 years earlier.
my dad owned a few before when i was a kid so thats what got me interested in them. but personally this will be my first one. its also going to be my first "new" vehicle. only bought used before this.
I had the Scion tC for 6 years, put 175K miles on it. Traded it in for the iQ. I like the Scion lineup. Unique looking. The only disappointment I had with Scion was the 2nd gen xB... wish they had bring the Japanese bB over instead.

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No Scions, but I did have a Yaris that I traded in. Prior to that I drove several other "premium" small cars.
I also have a 2010 xb with trd exhaust, custom wheels, dropped with eibach pro springs, DVD entertainment system, etc. I also like the scion line-up. Wasn't too crazy about the 1st gen xb but I have since warmed up to it.
I've been buying nothing but Honda since 1997. But I really, really want an iQ. Just impatiently waiting to check one out here in PA.
my first Toyota, before i had a Skoda Superb (not sold in US) very luxury like an Audi (same manufacturer) but priceless ;-) and a lot of french car
This is my second Scion. My first was a 2006 xB. I really enjoyed that car.

I actually changed up the look three times. That is what it looked like right before I sold it.
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HOLY SH*T.thats all i gots to say bout that
I had a 2006 Scion xA in Black Sand Pearl years ago before I went to a little red smart car but now back to Scion again for their micro machine.
family and i have nissans right now. but i used to drive a yaris, xa, and xb recently. the iq most likely is next!
I had a 2005 tC that I kept for 6-1/2 years. My iQ is number two. I have owned a little bit of everything from a Triumph Spitfire to a Mercedes C Class. My favorite to date was my first generation Mazda RX-7. The iQ will be my new daily driver. I have a 405HP 2011 VW GTI that was my daily driver. That will be my pleasure vehicle from now on.
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