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Fuel Tank underneath the car, any Picture of Under neather the Car

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I wanted to see a couple of pictures of underneath the IQ like the Gas tank area.

I wanted to also see where the jacking points are, If you were to get a jack under the wrong thing like on the gas tank that would be a very bad day.

Also How protected/exposed is the gas tank under the car, my concern is driving over something in the road that cannot be avoided (like a muffler or ladder on the freeway), how durable is it.
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It looks like that site is in German, is there a english translation on the site?
Our iQ-board in Germany is only in German.
The Galerie are pictures, so you need no translation.

Some browsers are translating if you click a foreign language.
Great picture! Thanks for posting LA-LA. We need more under-hood photos from owners.
as far as I know , there is a shield plate below the gas tank in each car (that is the Law, I believe) and if you crawl down on the ground, you can see the shield from sideway because you don't notice that is a shield when looking up directly from underneath (as showing in the picture), normally it will protect the tank from small debris on the road, that is why we have to slow down when seeing big object on the road.
has anyone dropped the take to replace the sender unit?
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