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Fan/pump noise from under the rear end, what is it?

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Last night I went to the garage about five hours after getting home, and a whirring noise, like a fan or a pump, started coming from the rear end of the IQ. I looked under the back end and there is a rectangular black box about 14x8x2 with two wiring looms connected, that seems to be the only place that could be making the noise. Has anyone else noticed this noise and have any idea what the mystery black box is?
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hey there,i just read today that it is perfectly normal,something to do with releasing fumes or something from the gas tank,il have another read and put it down point form.but absolutely nothing to worry can breath easy.HA.A SAFETY FEATURE.
Thanks good to know! I still wonder what that black box is. I saw a picture on the German forum of the underneath of theToyota and it isn't there, so presumably somthing to do with the American market.
if you have the same owners manual as me its page 17,it mstates.approx. 5 hours after you turn the car off you may hear sound coming from under the vehicle for several minutes.this is the sound of a fuel evaperation leackage check,it DOES NOT indicate a malfunction.maybe the box is for that purpose?
Thanks for that, shows I don't read the manual well enough
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