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Electrical / Battery Issues and "weird" temporary solution / need permanent solution

Hello, new here, so bear with me.

I have a 2012 Toyota Scion IQ that I drive about 400-100 miles per month. In normally sits idle during the weekday.

For about a year I've noticed it doesn't start when I put the key in the ignition and turn. Here's what I do:

1) Open door. The red "Open door light" comes on the console like it normally does
2) Put key in ignition and turn. Some of the lights come on. But engine doesn't engage.
3) Try again. No lights. Engine doesn't engage.

Now here is the weird part, that I discovered by accident, when one time I opened and close the door and came back and tried again: turned key and it starts

So part of the routine now is that I:

4) Open my drivers door and close it. Try again. Engine starts right up.

Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes, I have to open and close my driver's door several times and turn the ignition as soon as possible for it to start up.

The battery was replaced about 3 years ago. I used a battery tester on it, and it checked out.

After about 4 months doing this, the routine doesn't work. Then I pop the hood and jump the battery with one of those portable battery charges. Then I'm good for another 4-6 months of repeating the routine of getting it started.

Last night , the "battery recharging" routine almost didn't work. The engine was trying to turn over. I adjusted the cables ( because I couldn't see the connections that well), and retried. Then it worked again.

This battery was replaced about 3 years ago. I noticed the above issues about 1 year ago. Once again, I drive this so infrequently, that normally after the "battery charging routine", its good for several drives, until I have to open and close the door to make the engine turn.

I asked a local mechanic his advice and he said that it sounded like an issue where the driver's door has some kind of electrical connection to the car, and if the door is open, the engine won't turn over, which is why I have to close / open it several times. ( ? )

Whats going on ? Before taking it to a local Toyota Dealership, is there some way to deal with this issue on my own ? I'm not a mechanic but I'm not afraid to try any suggestions.

Thanks for your help. -C

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Duse its your battery. The Iq is super sensitiveness on low volt or any electrical oddness. It loves 14 volts in your battery and it also loves current.
When IQ senses low volts all kinds od electrical stuff can happen for ex:
Running light failures
Dim Headlights or a headlight will burn out.
License plate light flickering
Pollution control code being produced
Weird starting
Radio with a cd radio works but cd wont.
Interior light failure.
So. Get it checked. Your alt may not be charging your battery well enough. Battery going south at 3 yrs so it sits with lower cold amps than advertised.
Get your elec checked
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