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Today was So Cal Scion's annual night at Knott's Halloween Haunt. At the tailgate party before there were two driving courses set up for the iQ. One was a slalom course and the other was a skill course. I ran both courses and found the iQ has some quick pick up and handles really nice.

Since driving one I'm really counting down the days until December 1st when I take delivery of my new iQ.

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Yup, only comes with an auto in the U.S. The drive wasn't out on an open road, just a test course.
that's surprising, i didn't expect that kind of response from the iQ's pick up, really expected you to say it could be faster or something along the lines of that.

i guess with the iQ being so small and light, it's quite easy for it to get up to speed.

If Scion released a manual transmission iQ, I bet they would have a lot more customers interested at the moment.
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