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DC Sports cold air intake on the way...

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I took my iQ to DC Sports yesterday and they test fitted a cold air intake for it. It should be available in a month or so.

They are also going to fit the iQ for an exhaust system.
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Are they going to do a dyno after the intake installed. I want to know how much extra hp it will give the iQ :)
I think that is the plan. I doubt it is going to provide any great gains on our tiny motors though.
FYI, I wouldn't expect too much from a cold air intake.

Today I made note of the intake air temperature with the ScanGauge while out driving in a fully warmed car.

Ambient air temp: 34F
Air intake temp: 37F

That is a very small increase in temperature. Much less than I've seen in my smart Fortwo or Scion xA. I'd be surprised if a CAI will lower anything other than the balance in your wallet. But, I'm open to the evidence. I'm happy with the amount of power it has right now.
some news about it?
and about exhaust system?
New would be great! Also Dyno testing always helps to see how much power these intakes actually yield an dhow much of a gain for lost fuel consumption
Still waiting for production. I'll let you know as soon as I find out anything.
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