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Japanese mini-car manufacturer Daihatsu is preparing to launch what it says will be the most fuel efficient non-hybrid car in the world.

Set to launch in September, the unnamed vehicle makes use of what is being called “e:S Technology,” or Energy Saving Technology. The comprehensive efficiency program is being credited for achieving an almost 40 percent improvement in emissions, with Daihatsu claiming the new car will get 30 km/l, or roughly 70-mpg.

In order to achieve this massive fuel economy gain, the car will use an all-new engine with an 11.3:1 compression ratio, an electronic throttle with a throttle valve made of resin, plus a start-stop system and even a near-hybrid system that converts brake energy into electric energy in order to recharge the car’s battery.

An efficient CVT transmission is mated to the engine, while other improvements include special aerodynamics and low rolling resistance tires, not to mention a significantly lighter chassis, that weighs 60 kg (132 lbs) less than the current Mira model (above).

While seemingly irrelevant to our market, as Daihatsu doesn’t offer cars here, the company is majority owned by Toyota Motor Corp. and so it’s only time before these small car advances find their way into different cars. Plus, with increasingly smaller cars being offered in North America, like the new Scion iQ, mini cars like the Mira might not be far behind.
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At the moment this is the best way to go about getting far better fuel economy. Hybrid vehicles are too expensive for the average working person in the USA, who's willing to pay $35 000 - 40 000 + for a basic hybrid? Not me.
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