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CVT whine

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Most days when traveling the 38 miles it takes to get home, if I drive more than 65mph on the interstate, the CVT gets really whiny by the time I'm in the last mile or two. Does anyone think a larger transmission cooler or adding a transmission cooler might be a good idea? I'm just thinking that if it is struggling that much to make the car go...even under normal highway speeds...that cooling things down might help out? I'm not getting any ecm/transmission codes, so I know its not overheating. Perhaps the "gear" whine is normal. Thoughts?
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I had noticed the whine too, primarily when accelerating from a dead stop, or stepping on it to pass. Just did a drain and replace of the transmission fluid. Watched the video on how to do it. Very informative. All you need is a 6mm allen wrench for the pan cap and overflow tube behind it, a Torx 55 bit for a socket and at least a 12 inch extension for the fill cap, an extremely long funnel... and a lot of patience while refilling. Can only fill at a trickle... took about 20 minutes per quart!
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