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CVT whine

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Most days when traveling the 38 miles it takes to get home, if I drive more than 65mph on the interstate, the CVT gets really whiny by the time I'm in the last mile or two. Does anyone think a larger transmission cooler or adding a transmission cooler might be a good idea? I'm just thinking that if it is struggling that much to make the car go...even under normal highway speeds...that cooling things down might help out? I'm not getting any ecm/transmission codes, so I know its not overheating. Perhaps the "gear" whine is normal. Thoughts?
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i really doubt that the fluid was the cause of the whine unless the fluid was low or some other issues. 61k KM is relatively low for the fluid.

Adding my experience — 2015 iQ with 61kkm, made a whine upon heavy acceleration when the engine was warm, at any speed but especially when on the highway. The noise was high-pitched, like a power drill, and seemed to come from the back of the vehicle (or maybe just the exhaust). The guy at the Toyota dealer said there was no way CVT fluid replacement would make it go away, but I said to go ahead with it anyway. Just got it back, drove it on the highway for a while, floored it the same way I did while diagnosing the issue. The whine is completely gone. Funny how even though the fluid is supposed to last the life of the transmission, it still seems to go bad before then ;)
very interesting.... I am curious if that whine is an indication of potential transmission problem? Were there any other abnormalities along with the whine?

When I bought my iQ with 85,000 miles on it, the transmission whined all the time. I eventually removed the old fluid with a vacuum setup and replaced it with new. The whining stopped. Your mileage may vary. ;)
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