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CVT Transmission for 2011 Scion iQ

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The 2011 Scion iQ will have a CVT Transmission. For anyone that doesn't know, this is quite a gift from Toyota. These are expensive transmissions but work great. It will make for a great ride.

I'm excited :)
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Ya... sure will be smooth. Will be a dog for acceleration tough!

The 2011 Scion iQ will have a CVT Transmission. For anyone that doesn't know, this is quite a gift from Toyota. These are expensive transmissions but work great. It will make for a great ride.

I'm excited :)

Tell me you're joking. My dead grandmother will be able to outrun this thing.

Tell me you're joking. My dead grandmother will be able to outrun this thing.
Don't knock it till you try it :D :D
Glad they are not taking a cheap root on the transmission.
CVT transmission will be great for a high MPG as I'm sure Toyota has tuned it immensely.
Expensive transmission = expensive to fix and maintain though does it not? Or should I not question Toyota build quality :p
This IQ Engine, the 1.3L 1300cc is already putting out 94h.p. @ 6000rpm & 89lb ft of torque at 4400rpm.

It is a fairly high performance, High Compression 11.5:1 engine, and they still made it run on reg fuel, that is amazing, what is more amazing is the fuel economy for this small high performance engine.

From a stop light My IQ leaves the rest of the pack behind without even trying, it is geared fairly low to be able to get you away from a stop as well as it does.

If you own one
IMO drive it get it broken in, get used to it, Mine still is surprising me, at how peppy it is, and mine is not broken in yet.

This car is very deceiving as far as performance goes, the CVT makes it feel much smoother and masks it's performance. Gauge your self by other traffic and your speed. I have a 650cc motorcycle that has a CVT and it is the same way, it does not feel like you are going fast but look down at your speed and your doing 90mph when you think that you were doing 60mph

The IQ is the same way, the trans/CVT keeps the engine in it's most efficient RPM range as possible that may be at a lower rpm range while you are accelerating, the CVT just keeps changing gear ratio's to maintain this efficiency

It is an amazing system.

The CVT is the tip of the iceberg, they have a newer technology that is even more efficient than the CVT, but is still being developed

Mine runs great, plenty of power, more than enough, Rent one, and drive it for a week, a test drive is not long enough. If you are worried about the trans get the extended warranty
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The IQ's transmission the CVT, Constantly Variable Transmission.

The IQ's CVT capability by having a large number of ratios, the IQ's CVT typically has 49 ratios.

That is like having a 49 speed auto transmission with smaller shift points in between each, than a standard 3/4/5-speed auto clunk shifter.

3 speeds vs 49 speeds, the engine has more of chance of being efficient with 49 ratios to choose from.

Since the engines efficacy is maximized, I notice that while driving mine, when you are cruising the tach is very low. But when you step into it the RPM's increase.

I went through Old town today 25MPH speed limit engine tachometer was at 900-1000rpm doing 25mph, that's amazing,that almost Idle speed for some cars,
i was on the freeway last night doing 65mph engine tach was at 1800rpm that seems low, that's cruising at 65mph you step on the go pedal and rpm compensates for the load you put on the engine and throttle position.

When I test drove the IQ (it was wine colored one, not the i bought) I did the acceleration test took it up to 85mph on the freeway, I was surprised how fast it got up to 85 mph but I had the throttle pegged, that engine was working, But at 85 mph, It felt like it was going 55 mph(this car is very surprising this car does not feel like it is going as fast as it is, it feels like a much bigger car), Handling test (It was decent but i think it needs the rear sway bar), Brake test - brakes seemed to be very good but it is a light car.
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The CVT Trans that is in the IQ has Three modes;

1. "B" Mode, very low, this mode puts the trans into a very low mode that holds RPM's into a much higher RPM range, this is used for engine brake while going slower, and rapid acceleration from a stop up to a slower speed.

2. "S" Mode, Super Drive, This mode Puts the trans into a Lower Ratio than "D"rive Mode and makes the Acceleration considerably faster in this mode.
This lower ratio puts the engine into a higher RPM for more performance oriented driving, Performance is top priority, Rather than economy. RPM's are held at a much higher rpm providing more H.P. and torque to get away from a stop. This can also be used for engine braking as well.

3. "D" Mode, Drive Mode, This mode Puts the trans in it's most efficient gearing mode, and yields you the best economy/performance compromise. you will notice while in this mode that your engine RPM's are much lower while driving.
Is the CVT in the IQ a belt type?

I have noticed a whine that comes and goes when working the car hard in S-mode. The whine is RPM related and stopped after sitting in traffic for a minuet or shutting the car off and turning it back on.

I did not notice any slipping or anything but it was very noticable when the whine started and I have not heard it anymore.

Has anyone noticed any noises like this driving a little hard? (driving through steep mountains or something like Autocrossing)
This is way low on my modding laundry list, but someday I'm hoping the CVT has a computer controller that can be hacked.
Where I work we have a Blackhawk we've controller-hacked to mimic the flight performance and handling characteristics of other helicopters. I'm hoping to do similar things to the CVT. It should be able to mimic a 5-speed racing-tuned manual if it only had paddle shifters on the wheel...

The CVT might be pneumatically controlled though. Does anybody know if the CVT has a computer controller yet? Is it running off the engine computer? Can you see it from the OBD II interface? That would be the ultimate performance mod.
Sab, I think it might actually be computer controlled. I have no proof, but after driving it for a while and frequently going into "S" and "B" mode, it feels electronically controlled to me. I'm also leaning toward this belief based on the fact that it seems logical for toyota to have it be that way with this car and all the other engineering that went into it.

Now I'm very curious....
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