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cracked windshield...

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Bad news... had a crack on the windshield today... the crack is too long to be fixed :( will need a replacement... what a day...

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Bummer. Did something hit you or was it a pressure crack? If it's a pressure crack Scion will replace it.
it was caused by a rock... sigh... called dealership immediately and they said they don't do windsheid replacement. then called the repairing company and they said the car is too new, they don't have any parts in stock... tried to refer me back to the dealership... got tossed around @@" i asked the repairing company to see if he can order the parts from the dealer for me. will get back to me tomorrow.
I may be wrong, but I think the windshield is a special noise attenuating material. Be sure to get a genuine Toyota/Scion part.
Good call Dave777,here in canada it is advertised as, acoustic glass,sOunds sPecial,and im sure it cOmes with a SPECIAL interested to c how you make Out yunkikan?good luck.
Got referred to a different auto-glass company. They don't have any parts in stock neither and they will order a new windshield from the dealer for me. They also helped me setup a claim to my insurance company. Save me some time from calling around~ So... I am just waiting for the part to arrive, hopefully it will be here soon...
I heard that in California, we get one free replacement (or repair) with our insurance company per year. Check on that.
So happy that finally got the windshield replaced today :) It cost $840 for the OEM windshield... The total comes out to be $1016 with labor. Good thing all i have to pay is $100, the rest is covered by insurance.

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