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Vacationing across a country via vehicle is easy in some places. But these are the toughest nations to get across. Comprehend agony. Get car loans with bad credit to help pay for your brand new vehicle.

Try number one with India

There are really tough mountains in India. In fact, 17 people were killed per hour in India from road accidents in 2011.

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Philippines road trip

There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines, which means that it is obviously impossible to cross the country in a vehicle. You would have to take unsafe ferry rides.

Drive across Bolivia

Until you get the Bolivia jungles, there are really nice freeways. Many people take a long way around the jungle because it is much easier to travel around, though there are winding cliff roads that are unsafe. The “Death Road” through the jungle is fun for some, and clearly dangerous.

Hardest nations to get across No. 4 - Afghanistan

Considering Afghanistan is still an active war zone, it is not going to be safe. On top of that, there are really just dirt paths in the deserts and mountains to follow.

Drive in Brazil

If you just want to go north to south, there is a fantastic highway that makes it really simple. Whenever you start to get into rural conditions or drive east to west, it is nearly extremely hard. The Transamazonica Highway was almost built until they realized the Amazon River would rise and take pieces of road with it. When raining, it is extremely hard to get across the river. It is almost extremely hard even when it is dry.

Road trip in Chile

It is almost extremely hard to drive through Chile with the Fjords and the Andean Mountains that stretch over 800 miles. It is also extremely hard to go North to South without first making it into other nations. From the deserts in the north to the frozen Patagonia is about 2,600 miles, and the stretch is almost extremely hard to get through, though adventure journalist Dan Neil supposedly did it.

Head through Mongolia

There are approximately 1,600 miles of paved roads in Mongolia - but the other 25,000 miles are dirt paths. Think massive deserts and an overheating vehicle, and hope that you've brought lots of water and a satellite phone.

Hardest nations to get across No. 8 - Antarctica

It would be nice to know that there is no traffic to deal with when going through Antarctica, but is it really worth it? The dry snow will be hard-packed, but it is still easy to get stuck. If you go without some sort of communication, you will most likely die.

One Russia trip

It will take a really long time to get across Russia, especially if you take the only road that is even found in one large region in Russia. The road has had every accident known to mankind and has a ton of heavy kamikaze trucks.

Travelling through Congo unsafe

Due to the lack of infrastructure and mass amount of very corrupt police, traveling across the Democratic Republic of the Congo is never secure. It is the second-poorest nation on Earth after all. One couple did it in 2008, being the first to do it in over 20 years.


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