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clear bra

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had the rear sway bar installed this morning then went to have my front end wrapped in the clear bra,BUT,when i arrive at the place that does this i was informed that when the clear wrap is applied to my FLAT BLACK hoodit will no longer be flat,but shinny.DISLIKE.ive allready had the hood painted two times due to rock chips @ 200$ each i left the car there to have the windows tinted and now not sure what to do about the hood,my only option may be for the carbon fibre look,but if i chose to do that then my beutifull flat black hood i guess my only option is to be carefull where i drive and how close i follow on the freeway,get a touchup paint and when,if the chips keep coming continue to have the hood repainted.:confused:
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You might want to investigate some flat black vinyl to cover the hood. It would give you the look you want with the protection you need. (sounds like a deodorant commercial)
Ha ha,that it does,yeah someone elae mentioned that,he didnt,have such a product or offer it,but then again,this is chilliwack,british columbia canada,its getting powdercoated
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