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Chevrolet Volt Wins World Green Car Of The Year Award

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Surprised that this car is now the world green car of the year. It beat the Nissan leaf, and Bmw 320D,

But the Nissan Leaf is the World green car of the year.

Would you guys agree that the Volt is the world car of the year?

Chevrolet Volt Wins World Green Car Of The Year Award | News
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Perhaps the panel figured out that plug-in electric doesn't mean green. In the US, and in most places around the world, most electric power comes from dirty coal which must be converted to heat, then to mechanical energy to turn a turbine, which makes electrical power, then transported to your home with attendant power line losses. It's cleaner and greener to burn gasoline directly in your car than to burn coal from an electric power generating plant far away.

But wait, they're both plug-in electrics, I suppose. So the Volt is by far the more useful of the two because of the better range.
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