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Bout time.

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:Dwent to the local dealer today to TRY and find out anything humanly possible about when i may recieve my iq,and to my absolute suprise a salseman that did not sell me the car came shuffling up to say my car arrived in port this morning,this was at 1pm.the salseman i am dealing with said he would call AS SOON as he heard anything,well that wasnt soon enough for me,so end of the story i should have my car in a week or so.i think they will be happy to finally be done with me.HA.
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A week from the time it's already at the port? Are you far from the port? I live in about 30 min from Los Angeles or Long Beach ports. Of course San Diego is also a frequent port of entry. :) Glad for you.
congrats! :) this is going to be the longest week ever :p
Thanks guys,im about 40 min from port in vancouver bc.are you thinkin it shouldnt take that long.i was the first owner of an 09 nissan cube in the lower mainland and from the time it arrived at port,it was a 9 day wait??? no idea why it takes so long,the dealer says they will have it for 2 days.i hope thats included in the 9 days.and yeah i hope to maybe have it by friday that will be 7 days.i was misinformed that this car would be in north america 2 yrs ago under the toyota badge,so i guess ive bin waiting that long,and i agree the next week or so just may kill me.if i was a little more computer savy i would post pics.first stop from dealer is paint shop to have the hood painted flat back ,the iq is grey.
I'm sure this will be a long week for you.

Be sure to post up pics when you get it.
Awesome to hear! Can't wait to see the pics :)

Can't wait for you to post those pic's. You'll love the iQ, even though I haven't had the chance to drive one, I've only heard positive reviews about them.
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