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Best small cars for fuel economy for summer 2011

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What will you be driving this summer?

Are you going to stick with your current vehicle or look into buying a vehicle with better fuel economy? The cars listed below are said to be the best small cars for fuel economy for summer 2011.

With what you have in mind for your ideal fuel efficient vehicle, including all the features, comfort & styling in mind, which car below would you get.

If you’re looking to downsize your fuel guzzler for a fuel sipper, a small car may be the way to go. Small cars provide the best combination of fuel economy and price, plus many of the newest models are also relatively safe, having performed well in crash tests and in Consumer Reports dynamic tests. However, some small cars are better than others, and below we highlight the most fuel-efficient models in our ratings.

These lists feature results from our latest tests of the most efficient subcompact, small cars, small wagons, and hatchbacks currently on sale. But since there is more to choosing a car than fuel economy, it’s important to look for cars which perform well and are reliable and safe. After checking out the lists, you can click over to our model overview pages where you can get our full ratings on the vehicles listed, as well as pricing, reliability, and much more.

Subcompact cars
Model: Smart ForTwo Passion (2-door hatchback)
Price: $15,355
MPG: 39

Model: Ford Fiesta SE (sedan)
Price: $16,595
MPG: 33

Model: Toyota Yaris (sedan)
Price: $16,423
MPG: 32

Model: Honda Fit (hatchback)
Price: $16,020
MPG: 30

Model: Mazda2 Touring
Price: $17,075
MPG: 30

Small wagons & hatchbacks
Model: Honda Insight (hybrid)
Price: $26,750
MPG: 38

Model: Volkswagen Golf TDI (diesel, manual)
Price: $24,764
MPG: 38

Model: Mini Cooper Clubman
Price: $24,700
MPG: 29

Model: Toyota Matrix 1.8L
Price: $19,200
MPG: 29

Model: Nissan Cube
Price: $16,790
MPG: 28

Small sedans
Model: Toyota Corolla LE
Price: $18,404
MPG: 32

Model: Hyundai Elantra GLS
Price: $18,445
MPG: 29

Model: Kia Forte EX
Price: $18,540
MPG: 28

Model: Mazda3 i Touring
Price: $19,070
MPG: 28

Model: Nissan Sentra 2.0 SL
Price: $19,530
MPG: 27

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