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base pioneer head unit

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hey folks,when i was deciding on what,if any options,i wanted with my 2012 iq,the only thing i was wanting was the rear spoiler,which i did get,and thought about the head unit upgrade to the pionneer touch screen stereo.but when i lookede at the 400+$ they were asking for for a few extra watts and the touchscreen and i believe an audio and sub out i believe,i opted out and am very glad i did.i am finding the base pioneer to be pretty darn good for a base stereo,and allso here in canada,it cums with the six speaker system,not as a rear speaker upgrade as it seem to be in the states.i have allso recentley learned that the canadian base model allso has the bluetooth controls,button to the right of the shifter.i do not understand why it aint the same stateside?????anyway i have been very pleased with the volume and sound quality,for stock that is.i thought there was only the 3 preset audio function,feel,natural.voice i believe,i just use the FEEL setting.then i was reading a thread lastnight that one of you mentioned you went to the dealer and they set up your stereo for you,so after a little playing aroun I DID find the fade,balance.base,and treble.what a huge difference sounds fantastik,for stock,and the base is very good for 4 6.5 inch speakers.the powere from the head unit is far superior tham my 09 cubes,it seems to have endless i have decided WHEN I DO,blow the stock speakers i will just leave the head unit and put high end speakers in the little beutty and try that firs.i am allso not reall car stereo savy type,more home audio,but can anyone suggest some supperior 6.5 inch speakers which would be for the back,and i believe i could go with a component setup for the front????thanks in advance for any trying to stay away from amping up the speakers as i am pretty limited for space.peace.:)
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I'm half deaf in one ear so the stock unit is working just fine for me. :)
thanks for your honesty gokartride,sorry bout your challenge.
sorry bout your challenge.
Not to comes in handy. If it's a bit noisy I just roll over on my left side and sleep like a baby!!
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