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a few pics.

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i think i may have figured the picture spoiler and satin black hood.


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Nice... we'll follow your "build" iqforyou
Foreground of the pictures makes one believe wheels & tires are next ?!?
i actually orderd the TRD lowering springs and sway bar,then audio,and around spring will be tires and rims.
Very nice. I like the hood. Was it a wrap?

You'll be happy with the springs, it reduces that enormous wheel gap somewhat.

Looking forward to more pictures.
I didn't want to start a new thread for a single pic of my iQ, but my fiancee who is pretty handy with a camera took this last night. You can't see the spoiler, but the iQ seems very photogenic!

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im not sure what you mean by a wrap surfcitylocal,it is a satin paint from a paint shop i frequent,unlike my other cars i opted just to do the outside this time as oposed to the in and out,they made a wonderfull clean cut with the paint and the transition looks pretty cool.:rolleyes:
I much prefer your spoiler to ours in the UK.

im digging the spoiler, i've seen many Scion iQ spoilers and don't like a lot of them. this looks really clean
i wouldnt have thought there were any different spoilers as a factory option than one,and makes me wonder why it would differ by region? and if that was the case and i knew this and the spoiler offered to me wasnt appealing i would look into ordering one from an area that offered one i liked?
The spoiler in the UK is flush across the contact area, where as you guys and the Japanesse version have the air gap. Not sure if they have changed to this as a new style for newer models. I'll go check.

Nice pics! Looks good :)
i prefer the Scion spoiler than Toyota, look great on your car !
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