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2012 IQ OEM Battery Part Number

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My battery died. I went to a parts department at local Toyota dealership, and they sold me a ($177) battery that I assumed would be the correct one since they are a dealership...
The part number on the battery that they sold me is 00544-24F60-57.

I checked online after I picked it up with receipt. According to Toyota websites, the correct Part number is 00544-25060-550.

Does anyone know if I can safely use the one that they sold me?

Also, any other recommendations for a battery to buy?

It's a Saturday after 5pm, and all the Toyota Parts Departments are closed until Monday morning, and my IQ is dead.

Thank you!
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Moderate climates got Group 51 Toyota equivalents. Cold climates got Group 25 Toyota equivalents. What they sold you appears to be a Group 24F.

If the battery looks skinny it’s very likely a Group 51. If it’s normal looking it’s a Group 25 (the one currently in there).

Can you return it?
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A lithium jump pack can tide you over while you sort out what you want…

When people share their location in their profile I usually look for options around there.
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